09222010 bradmangas DSCN3075

© Brad Mangas

Fall officially kicks off today at 10:09 pm central standard time. I only know that because I just heard it on a local news station. Not much sign of it in the foliage yet but it’s very close. One of the native shrubs that is spectacular and always draws me to it is sumac. There are a few varieties but they all end up doing the same thing, turning deep red with almost glowing color. Driving around a few days ago and looking at some of the still green sumac I had to take a few shots of the foliage after a shower had passed, I like it in this stage as well. Red stems and green leaves the smooth leaves and jagged edges make for nice graphic design.

It won’t be long and I will be sharing the color progression of this wonderful shrub that dots the lands of many places.

Just to through a tid bit of info in, the Native Americans used to use the larger stems as toothbrush pulling the leaves off and cleaning their teeth with it. Go ahead give it a try!