© Brad Mangas

Guess this would fall into my category of something a little different. I was out after dark last night and of course had my trusty p80 with me, I passed over this set of train tracks along a gravel road, the sun had set about 30 minutes earlier but still had just a touch of light and color in the sky. The dark sky actually looked rather nice with deep red and blues. I stopped and stood on the tracks which went straight into the western horizon and took this shoot.

I didn’t spend to much time in processing this but noticed right away it could have better black and white qualities than color. Hand held high iso and on camera flash in the dark did create some noise which I dealt with on a layer of Topaz DeNoise5 and a slight Orton effect applied.

The spots that show in the darker sky area were a complete surprise to me, at first I thought it was dust on the lens but the lens was clean. You can notice a slight blurred movement to some of these spots, my best guess is that they are insects just flying around and were lite up by the flash.

Always fun playing around outside ones comfort zone and then finding something new and unexpected.