© Brad Mangas

I was looking through some older images last night and wanted to find something a little different. Sometimes my mind starts to wander in directions that look for more creative or maybe artistic images versus the typical nature and landscape type that I mostly concentrate on. I like when I have the feeling or need to do something different or create a non typical nature shot, not that the sky and moon is not typical of nature but this image just has a feel of something different to me. Most times when photographing a full moon I will want to incorporate some type of foreground element, trees, hills or structure of some kind. I took this while trying to do just that. In the flint hills as the moon was rising and attempting to get rolling hills and flora in the foreground. As the sky turned the beautiful colors I couldn’t help but focus soley on the sky and moon.

The colors along with the soft wispy clouds are enough for me to enjoy the image. Focus was given to the moon to make sure the details remained to give the image sharpness in the soft sky. This is one of those shots that I have saved because I knew something was there that I liked but sometimes I just need to be in the right frame of mind to see it and make it come out.