©Brad Mangas

Indian grass after sunset sums this shot up. I was out on the prairie as the sun went down not being moved by any specific item or subject. The waning orange of the horizon seemed to cushion the darkening blue sky but I didn’t have a grand subject to place in the scene. Like many times I was wrong I was surrounded by grand subjects, far as the eye could see even in daylight the tallgrasses cover the land. It actually was one of those ” I couldn’t see the forest for the trees” type of experiences. Lowering my point of view and getting on my knees in front of this clump of Indian grass was really all that was needed to tell the simple story of a sunset on the tallgrass prairie.

Sometimes we look and look for just the right subject or framing or composition when in fact we are surrounded by them all. A small change in prospective may be all that is needed to expose what is so readily available.