©Brad Mangas

This weekend is the 35th annual Huff & Puff hot air balloon rally at Lake Shawnee and I made it out last night for the start of things. It was a somewhat shortened night due to storms moving in around 7:30pm but most balloon teams did manage to get the balloons inflated for all to see. Last night was supposed to have tethered rides available and a glow at around sunset where the teams light up the balloons with their massive amounts of fire bellowing into them. But mother nature cut most of that off for last night something about a big hot air filled bag during a lighting storm that doesn’t go together.

Huff & Puff continues with a balloon launch at 7am this morning and then more tethered rides and another glow tonight starting again at 6pm and concludes Sunday morning with the last launch at 7am again.

I missed last years events but glad I at least got to see a few of the massive lighter than air crafts this year. I will share some more shots of the events over the next few days or so.

I’m off to the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson this morning to be in the Kansas Booth from 11am till 2pm talking all things Kansas and of course my gig will be Kansas nature photography. I’m really looking forward to it and sticking around the fair grounds to try my hand at some photography of the fair sights.