© Brad Mangas

I’m not giving up on my acorn shots, they may be laying on the ground from now on but I’m going to keep at it. I don’t know what it is about photographing these nuts but I sure am having fun and a hard time getting something that I like. Not that I share shots here that I don’t like but everyone that I have taken I know can be improved on somehow.

Like I said they may be laying on the ground the winds have done a number on these groups of trees in Shunga Park that I visit plus it’s time they start falling on their own anyway, and many already have. Hey, they are much easier to photograph on the ground so I’m sure I will get plenty of that in also. I will try not to over do it here cause I’m sure nobody else see’s the excitement in a little acorn like I do, maybe it’s a photographer thing but when I get a challenge stuck in my head I have a tendency to get a little obsessive with it.  All over a little nut. (Makes me wonder who’s in control here).

Anyway I do like this shot for a few reasons, one it’s different than just a shot of acorns, it has sharpness in some leaves and I like the position I got of the sky in relationship to the acorns. I know I have taken over 100 shots from just this particular group of trees across from my house, all when out walking Lexi in the mornings and so far all with my point and shoot P80. I know I will be dragging my Canon dslr over there and spend some serious time before long with 70-200mm and extension tube among other things.  I’m beginning to think I’m just going to have to get lucky in order to get what I’m looking for, but you know what they say about luck. So I will keep trying.