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© Brad Mangas

Back from a week in the rocky mountains of Colorado and the weather and views were spectacular! A wonderful time was spent enjoying the cool mountain air and many photos were taken. All made it home except the ones that were taken specifically for future daily photograph posts. An experience with some thieves at Colorado Springs on our last day ended up with a broken car window and items stolen in the middle of the night. One of the items was my compact camera along with 150 plus images on the memory cards. Luckily my canon slr and all the associated images was in our room and made it back ok. I don’t want to dwell on the one bad experience at the end of the trip because everything else was wonderful.

This is an image that I took with my iphone on one of our first days in Vail Village during a farmers market. A great time that included the purchase of Colorado peaches, plums, elk and salmon jerky! Some of the best plums we have every eaten. I visited with a local photographer who had a booth at the market and enjoyed some of his wonderful work.

I will begin to work up the images taken during my evening and morning stay in the West Elk Wilderness Mountain Range close to Kebler Pass that had views that literally took my breath away. Guess I better get busy working on some photos!