10282010 flinthills FHFA 7791

© Brad Mangas

A couple more images for the daily photograph to help hold things over a few days. I will be returning from Arkansas on the 31st so the dp should pick back up on November 1.

The images today are from my trip in search of color last Sunday into the prairies and flinthills. I stood in this spot for over 30 minutes waiting for cloud cover. It was around 2 in the afternoon when I came up on this area and knew I wanted to get some shots. With the sun out bright the scene had far to much glare going on with the colors. Clouds were moving across the sky so I set and waited. Funny how when you want the sun to go behind the clouds it seems to find all the in between spots to go as if it’s testing ones patience. So wait I did and manage to get 4 or 5  compositions out of my time.

10282010 flinthills autumn FHFA 7816

© Brad Mangas

Patches of color make up the prairies and flinthills in autumn. Like a quilt put together my mother nature covering the land with vibrant warmth in preparation of yet another change of seasons.