© Brad Mangas

One of the many trees I walk by routinely when Lexi and decide to stray from the regular walking trails in Shunga Park. Along side my grove of oak trees are 3 big cypress that are always worth checking out. They grow in a lower section which typically stays wet and floods rather easily and I’m sure this is why they have done so well. With a new G11 in my hand these days while out walking I’m finding it hard to pass up typical scene without pointing it towards what catches my eye and right now these cypress are doing just that. I took advantage of an overcast sky to take a few shots of the cypress beginning to take on it’s fall colors. As I have mentioned the colors so far in this part of Kansas are rather lack luster with small patches of yellows and reds showing up and lots of brown dry looking leaves already beginning to fall. This cypress was fun to play with and an easy image to work up, little shadow & highlight and slight curves adjustments was all that was needed. I then added a little Orton effect for the painterly look and help brighten up the colors.

I’m starting to think when my new website is up and running (planning by the end of the month at the latest) there may be some of the G11 images make their way on to it.