© Brad Mangas

There was a lot of noise coming from the Big Shunga Park a few weeks ago, noise from chain saws. When I heard and seen the big trucks and saws firing up and beginning to cut needless to say I was quite concerned. Lexi and I walked over to a group and watched for a bit seeing they were doing mostly trimming of lower branches for mowers to get around easier. There were some major changes made in a few areas by removing complete trees. For 5 days no less than 10 men 3-4 bucket trucks and multiple saws and trimmers ran 6-8 hours a day, and this is just the area of the park across from were I live. When all was done the area did take on a cleaner more open look, not that I minded the denser look but proper maintenance of anything is important and trees are no different. My grove of wonderful oaks have a few less lower branches but 90% of the tree population of this area is intact.

One of the victims to the cutters saws was quite a big cottonwood. It was close to a big  cypress and a silver maple, I’m sure when these were planted many many years ago it looked fine but once these lumbering giants get mature they take up lots of room.

This is a shot of the remaining stump of the cottonwood and one of it’s millions of leaves it has so proudly produced over the years, still holding on to it’s beauty as long as it can for when it is gone it will no longer be replaced from what was once this mighty cottonwood.