© Brad Mangas

Yesterday was my lovely brides side of the families annual family reunion. Always way too much food especially deserts, wow was the apple pie good! After eating way too much I grab the little G11 and took of for a walk. This year the reunion was held at one of my favorite places, Shunga Park. I mention the park much as it is a frequent place where Lexi and I take our morning walks. Shunga Trail is actually many miles long and winds through Topeka following Shunganunga Creek (and yes that is an Indian name). Along the miles of paved trail of which you can see a part in the lower right corner there are numerous park areas one is Big Shunga Park where Lexi and I walk and the family reunion was held at Crestview which has a nice shelter house and playground. This picture is just a ways down the trail looking back towards Crestview you can actually see a few of the cars parked in the parking lot. The more I use the G11 the more I’m impressed with the images I’m getting, a little saturation was added to the trees in this shot and no sharpening. And the best part, when I got back to the shelter house I just put the G11 in my pocket and ate more pie!