IMG 0094

© Brad Mangas

I was out early this morning doing some scouting of the fall colors thus far and from what I have seen it sure doesn’t look like last year. Lots of brown falling leaves and not much in the typical fall color category but the next few weeks will tell, hope things pick up.

I got back home and decided I would play with the G11 a little. I have saved a stalk of milkweed since last winter (I know I keep weird stuff). I  snipped one of the pods off and placed it on a black piece of construction paper then I played with the on camera flash to produce this image. I ended up dialing the flash output to  minimum and the flash exposure to -1 and even put a piece of tissue paper over the flash to cut down on the glare from being so close to the subject.

LS 0093 copy

© Brad Mangas

Here’s a nice little red oak leave I picked up during a morning walk yesterday, I used the same settings on the G11 in macro mode to make this. Things get a little tricky once you start to introduce flash into a shot, something I plan on educating myself  more on. One thing is sure, being able to grab the smaller G11 and hand hold to get fun shots sure does make me take more pictures and that’s a very good thing.