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Finding your way

As I set here this morning to post today’s dp a feeling of lack of direction is sliding into my thinking. The purpose of this blog, my photography and my willingness to share how I view the world is not to simply put a picture with a few words up on the internet and say there, done. My purpose is to grow through a common understanding with others that we are but a small part of a big picture, yet the entire picture is made up of small parts intermingled to the point where one effects the other and on down the line. I feel as if I am not providing anything of useful purpose to those who take time to read the words I have somewhat lackadaisically posted over the last year. Has this or is this a waist of time? I can only speak for myself and the answer is definitely no. I had and still have no thoughts that there is a right or wrong way of going about the sharing of  life’s experiences. But I do realize when  something doesn’t seem to be right in my mind. Maybe one of the benefits of being consistent with any message, it can give you many opportunities to hear it and continually try to understand what it is you are trying to convey.

So where am I going with this? At the moment to here, to the point of realization which should be the first step. Every journey begins with that first step even if it at the halfway point. Does that make sense? Each step is as important as the other and your direction can change at any moment with the next step. Maybe I should stop before I over analyze this quandary I seem to be having.

Hey it’s Friday and I am going to spend some time this weekend traveling my neck of the woods in search of the fleeing colors of autumn. They are getting scarce so the desire is strong to hang on to what I can catch. Have a great weekend.