MG 6261

© Brad Mangas

While everyone in the photowalk group had stopped for a water break I was lagging behind (as usual) to busy looking for interesting items to photograph. I’m not sure if anyone noticed this railing casting it’s shadow on the sidewalk but it caught my attention immediately. I spent a few more minutes standing in the hot mid-morning sun snapping away at the what to others appeared to be nothing more than the sidewalk.

I don’t think I have mentioned what I was shooting with during this walk. I had my Canon dslr with a 17-40 lens. The wider lens helped me to get greater depth of field since I knew most images would be shot at a relatively large aperture. Most shots were made at f/4-f/11, the brightness of the day allowed for a fast enough shutter speed to be able to hand hold everything since I was using a non IS lens without having to crank up the iso.

It’s a very different approach to photography to hand hold shots as opposed to relying on the tripod. A fun and learning experience for sure.

This shot, f/11 at 1/250