© Brad Mangas

I’m not sure what it is about this image that I like. Might be due to when I took it, I had no intention of really doing anything with it. I was waiting for the sunrise from what would be picture left, enjoying the coolest part of a very hot day to come.

The clouds had a way of lining up with the road  that caught my attention. Some times I take shots of a scene for no other reason than to  just  push the shutter release again. Kinda like my trigger finger is itchy.  What’s a little more wear on the old camera anyway. I think sometimes we should shoot things be it a landscape, object, macro, abstract for no other reason than to explore how we see our world. I think some if not many photographers think they have to wait for just that right moment before taking a shot. Or maybe they have to have some type of emotional stimuli from a scene in order to want to take a picture of it. I believe it’s insightful and a helpful learning experience to take a picture and then later when looking it over on the computer to figure out why you took it the way you did, and image if you where back there now would you do anything different. I guess it’s just more food for thought, which again I think is a good thing. I guess I have to explanation why I made it black and white other than I just wanted to. Simple scene, black and white seemed fitting.