WFSU 0182

© Brad Mangas

Even in late summer the blooming doesn’t stop on the prairies providing a good 7 months of blooming varieties.  For the next month a few things will be on the top of my list to keep my eyes open for. One group of late summer bloomers is the Liatris, many times referred  to as  gayfeather or blazing star. I had seen a big area of this earlier in the year which I hope to start visiting again very soon to keep an eye on the pr0gress.  There are 3 main varieties that grow in this area of the prairies, thick spike, tall and dotted each similar but with their own unique qualities. This is a shot of a group of dotted gayfeather from last summer. Most of the time you will find this growing up in the mix of tallgrass they do seem to go together very well. Hopefully I will be able to produce a few more images in the near future.

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