© Brad Mangas

I regularly review images that I have not worked up, sometimes just randomly open up previously dated folders and see what the group of pictures are. I like to stay near the time of year for shots I am reviewing. For example here in August I have been looking through some of last years files from July, August and September.

My lovely bride and I spent a week in Myrtle Beach South Carolina last September, and while looking through some of the pictures I took I came across this. I spent a day driving the coast from Myrtle Beach south through the small towns and beach front properties. This area had about a 1/2 of mile of these condo type of houses all built up on stilts and painted in wonderful bright colors, the complete view looked like a postcard. Lots of cars and telephone poles in the way so I didn’t get the postcard shot. But I did zero in on this orange/peachy color place.