© Brad Mangas

I consider myself very lucky to live in an area known for it’s abundant of native grasses. The prairies of Kansas are covered in beautiful big and little bluestem, Indian, switch, gamma just to name a few of the over 70 varieties of grasses that are native to the prairies and plains. So finding intimate landscapes that include some of these beauties is not hard to do.

I spend many hours and days throughout the year enjoying and photographing not only the vast open lands, but I love to get up close and personal with all these flora delights. As the summer progresses and the days grow shorter they all take on wonderful colors and textures that seem made to photograph.

This is a image of the grasses I had mentioned doing the changing of color. I really like the abstract nature of shots like this, they lend themselves well to vivid coloration’s and always brighten my day when I spend time around them.