© Brad Mangas

Came across a group of these flowers from the sunflower family the other day and spent a few moments taking some shots. There are many varieties of plants that belong to the sunflower family so I won’t guess on exactly which these are. This is the time of year that one can go out for a walk in a park or drive down about any country road and see a multitude of yellows in bloom. Most all in one form or another part of the sunflower family.

I worked this up and provided a bit of desaturation to the image with a Topaz Detail layer. Originally bright yellow, I liked the softer look this provided. There is a good chance that during the next few weeks the sunflower will be high on my list of new images to seek. They are a wildflower that everyone recognizes and known for it’s summer beauty. Those qualities alone make for a popular image in many settings.