Each year Pantone releases their “Color of the Year”. I usually come across an article or two about this, but until know didn’t pay much attention other than a casual peek. This years color grabbed much more of my attention. My image collection is overflowing with this years color which is, Greenery. Or for most of us just good ol’ green.

Living in and among one of the worlds great grasslands green is dominant for much of the year. It is not just the spring and summer grasses but most all other flora that goes with it. This goes for trees of course, but the plethora of wildflowers, forbs, and just good old weeds all have a good amount of green in them. This may not be much different than many places in the world. As a planet the colors of our oceans and lands are our primary colors all the time. I believe I would be quite right to think much of the lands have some type of greenery on it somewhere at some time of the year.

This green theme may not be more dominant than the grasslands. There is not just a good deal of green among the grasslands from early Spring to late Summer, you can literally get lost in the sea of green.

I had a hard time deciding which image to go along with this post. I finally just said the heck with it. Along with the image here I thought I would post a link to all the images I have accumulated over the years that show up when you search for green on the gallery site.

May green be plentiful through out 2017! Pantone’s color of the year, Greenery


Pantone's Color of the year. Greenery | Image ©Brad Mangas

Spring In The Kansas Flint Hills | ©Brad Mangas


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