The lush grasslands of the Flinthills cover a vast portion of east central Kansas. From the Oklahoma border to Nebraska. Millions of acres covered in tallgrass species of Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem, Indian Grass, Switch Grass, Side Oats Grama just to name a few. More than 60 varieties of grasses have been identified Konza Prairie alone.

These tallgrass prairies play a vital role of the planets ecosystem. The most important and vital food source of planet earth providing growth of mans existence have slowly been shrinking. It is always a pleasure to spend time on the tallgrass praire. Playing witness to the life giving plant for man and creatures alike.

In the fall of the season the big bluestem proceeds with it’s maturing first blooming (as all grasses do) followed with heads filling with seed. It is at this time of the year the cicada make their presents known. Any evening of any day one can hear the songs of these abundant Hemiptera insects. Sounds that are true music to the ears of the tallgrass prairie.