Besides the beauty of the vast landscapes that cover the open hills and plains of the autumn season it’s not hard at all to find wonderful intimate scenes right outside your door. While most view up and into the colors of the branches of the majestic trees the array of colors gently swaying in the breeze, the closeness of nature is taking place directly underfoot.

Nearing the end of brilliant colors the singles lay silently gathering up upon one another to form yet one last push of recognition. Like a hand woven tapestry inspired by mother natures own vision, the colors blend, yet remain as individuals on the cold lonely ground. As if by chance they will be noticed before the frost and long nights rob the precious colors that remain glowing in their veins.

From the green grasses of summer this transformation takes place like clockwork each year in lands that are lucky enough to have the lush growth replaced for a short time and become once again, the autumn yard.