Tic Toc… the time goes by in the blink of a cat’s eye!

What in the world have I been up to for the last few weeks anyway? Try as I may I can’t seem to squeak out any more minutes in the day. The printing of pictures for the upcoming Kansas Sampler Festival is drawing to a end. I will be satisfied with what will have been accomplished the last few months. Big canvas’s are done and ready, a couple hundred smaller prints are bagged and sealed. A few dozen greeting card packs are completed. The greeting cards are a new addition to what I have offered in the past. They turned out so nice that I will be making them available on a permanent basis at the gallery website. They should show up there in the next few days hopefully.

I have made an investment in a Flourish art show tent setup complete with mesh panel walls and all the fixins’. The Sampler Festival is going to be the inaugural event into this arena of offering my work. It will be a learning experience I’m sure and then I will venture down this path slowly with the hope of doing a few shows per year. The big art shows require a substantial investment of time and money I am finding out. They also require registration many months in advance. 2015 looks to be the year this will be in full swing.

Other than that, as I hope you have checked out, the newest post that you will see on the home page of this blog is “Fire On The Prairie.” Needless to say I have spent some time with this and to let you in on a little secret. I am just now getting over a fairly severe case of what I thought was a head cold but, I am thinking since it showed up directly after my time on the smoke filled prairies a week and a half ago I believe my sinuses and respiratory system simply went haywire for a few days due to that! Oh but was it worth it! Check out that post if you haven’t yet.

Here’s a picture taken last Saturday while exploring some lands that have already been burned. It will only be a matter of days before this blackened landscape turn green with new growth. I didn’t do the whole blood moon thing Monday night/Tuesday morning. I am drawn to the moon as much as the next person but, pictures of “just the moon” don’t seem to do it justice in my eyes. I prefer to see it as one part of the big picture. This might have been attempted with this somewhat rare blood moon but, 3am didn’t seem to cooperate with me very well!


© Brad Mangas