I think I spent a little too much time fussing over images from 2013. Let’s see, it’s January 10th, yep spent too much time!

As seems customary for many photographers a summary of previous years photographs are compiled for a “Best Of” type of presentation. I too have done this the last few years but something this year told me to be a little different. So a slideshow seemed to fit the bill. I actually had things put together a week ago but low and behold it was a massive slideshow of over 20 minutes! For cryin out loud I even got tired watching it! I initially had over 150 images and 5 separate sound tracks. I started to feel like a movie producer trying to organize and layout images and music to fit together just right. I don’t know why I think I need to put myself through such anal processes.

Anyway I appreciate you checking it out and really hope you enjoy it. I managed to get it down to just over 6 minutes and still portray things the way I wanted. So without further ado…

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