© Brad Mangas

I’ve been spending a good amount of time going through older image files the last few weeks. I think in an attempt to feel caught up before the spring rush hits. Starting next week my photography time will be spent out in the field instead of behind the computer. Warm weather this week has pushed the spring flora to the edge of bursting, the next month will be a busy with much time spent on the road and behind the camera.

This is a shot (obviously  summer) from the Ensley Gardens at Lake Shawnee here in Google I meen Topeka, (did anyone see the Google home page yesterday, how cool! I should have wrote up a post on it but time was scarce. I am finding a few images on file that I now feel a need to include in the gallery. Picky as I am they provide a value to potential customers in search of the ever popular flower garden type.

My thinking (as scary as that may sound) is being channeled to specifics when it comes to work I want to offer. I have written a few times on the benefits of nature and health care. It’s a field and path that I am very interested in. Having work available that meets the needs of health care facilities is heavy on my mind these days. Looking at images from a point of view of a patient in a place such as a hospital for care facility sheds a somewhat different light on work I will be producing and offering. I know where my heart is when it comes to my photography and that will never change, there will just be an inclusion of nature from a different stand point.

Anyway this is one such image that I worked up and will be adding to the flora gallery. Lots of life showing, simple scenes that are easy to look at and have interest.