The Spectacle


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Hand printed and signed by Brad Mangas.
Printer/Ink: Canon Pro 10 / Lucia pigment archival inks.
Paper: Canon Fine Art Smooth 320gsm.

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The Spectacle

Photographic Story ~ 

Those familiar with the Kansas Flint Hills and Tallgrass prairie may not know this specific area of our Country represents the most engendered ecosystem in North America. To help protect these most endangered lands in 1996 the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve was opened to help educate along with protecting this special place.

I am very familiar with out Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. Having visited and explored it regularly since 2008. There are not roads that allow the public to drive through this 10,000 plus acre preserve, but there are country roads that meander the miles and miles around it. 

One such road stretches north and south and within viewing distance of the eastern most boundary of the preserve. I had discovered this wonderful lonely road some years back during a general outing into the flint hills. Autumn was only a few weeks away. Soon the trees would begin to turn colors and the summer tallgrass would go from its greenish yellows to its autumn bronze. 

On a mid Autumn afternoon I made my way to this backroad in Chase County. Slowly exploring up and down a section of country road that bordered the wide open expanse of tallgrass. In the distance were the Cottonwoods in their autumn yellows. The prairie dark with browns, golds, and bronze, grasses. There is never a sure way to know what sunset will be like. But plans were made to be in this spot in a few hours in hopes of a little help from Mother Nature.

The result of that day and previous days leading up to the decision to be here is now knows as, The Spectacle. There seemed to be no doubt that Mother Nature was ready and willing to put on a show, whether there were eyes to see it or not. 


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