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Redbud of the scattered woodland © Brad Mangas

It seems to be one of those times that I find myself looking at previous images, some of a few weeks ago and some of years ago. I’m not sure if I think I have to be doing something or I think I’ve missed

something but either way it’s what I do. A constant craving for…. A description eludes me at the moment. Something I don’t seem to be able to touch or see or at the moment feel. These moments come and go; they seem to be based on the ability to create images or in this case the lack of.

The last few weeks have provided a late dose of winter in this area; it was nice and somewhat unexpected. I had almost begun to move towards a spring state of mind when the snow began piling up.  Now, that snow which was once pure as the driven, (well you know) has all but melted away. After days of becoming a slushy mess it seems to be holding on only in those deep shadowy areas and that will only last for a few more days.

So now it seems to be that in between time, which certainly doesn’t mean opportunities are not available if one wants to explore those options. For me I think I might just let the excitement slowly build as the days start becoming ever so slightly longer and warmer. I will find those things that keep feeding my desire. It always seems to be a good time for growth and exploration of something new.