In an effort to continue the growth of this blog, I would like to ask you this simple question. What interests you? When it comes to photography and I won’t even put it in the confines of nature photography, we can leave it wide open, what are the subjects you would like to read about?

For example:

Would you be interested in learning more in depth use of  “your” camera, and why you should?

Do you ever wonder how a certain picture was taken, or if anything special was done?

Do you have trouble getting your pictures to look the way you want them too?

Should you pay attention to the sunlight or room light? Should it be behind you, to your side, or in front of you? Does it matter?

Or maybe:

What’s the difference between a $200 camera and a $500, or a $800 and a $2700 camera?

Do you wonder what the most important features are  you should look for when buying a digital camera?

I would like to know some of your thoughts. Some of the questions you have when it comes to the how’s, why’s when’s of getting the pictures you want, or of the pictures I take. Would you like to know more?

Now let me ask you this. Are there subjects you would like to see pictures of? If so, what? That’s pretty wide open but that’s the way I would like to approach it to start. Now if  you say lions, tigers and bears (oh my), I will understand. After all I am in Kansas, but remember the saying, “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore”. So obviously there are limits on what can be done.

I would really love to hear your thoughts on all these subjects or any subject for that matter.  I am going to leave this post on the home page under the new category “Learning”. Don’t be shy, just ask away.

The plan is to gather your thoughts and questions to develop future posts on the subjects that matter to you. It’s not necessarily a question and answer session even though I have no problem answering questions and will if your looking for immediate answers. This is  more of a gathering endeavor to provide  information that matters to you.

Feel free to leave comments on any posts you wish or on this post if you would like to ask general questions. And like toys from Santa, the more the merrier!