I believe it’s time to bring this website back into the world. If you have visited https://https://bradmangas.com over the last month, first I want to thank you. And second I want to thank you for coming back now!  I have had this site in the “Under Construction” mode for about a month (maybe more) now. At times I forget that all the outside world see’s is the under construction page. I have been looking at everything else besides that. I don’t really want to bore you with what all has been done but I feel I should at minimum get everyone caught up on a few things.

The obvious thing is, there is a new look. Different color scheme, layout, and all the small details that go into that sort of thing. Direct link to gallery where there is a a full functional search ability. You can read “How To Search” from the Search drop down.

The time spent here over the last month or so has been mostly learning the in’s and out’s of how the back-end of this site now functions. I needed to become familiar with that before I could begin getting anything the way I wanted. After some initial frustrating learning curves I seemed to have gotten the hang of things. I thought there was no need to keep it in the “under construction” mode any longer even though I will continue adding content as I go.

In the coming weeks and months I will be bringing the Shop back. I have maintained a “Shop” for the last couple years. This is  something in addition to the Gallery. They Gallery is where all the images live and can be ordered as fine art prints on paper and canvas. Look for additional acrylic and metal offerings to come. The Shop has always been where other products could be found. Over the last couple of years this has mainly been, folios, prints of the month, sample prints, downloadable digital products, and calendars. Some of these will continue but some will change.

One of the newest items I am looking forward to offering will be greeting cards. These will be what I can honestly call “fine art greeting cards”. Starting this process I began testing different types of fine art papers that could used to produce the folded 5″x7″ cards. I quickly found the quality of paper I wanted and even insisted on is not all that widely available. I have tested archival card stock from 4 paper suppliers. Two passed the initial tests but some more evaluation of print quality needs to be done. If you curious who the paper suppliers are I am considering, they are LCI Paper, and The Paper Mill Store. You may think it’s no big deal what card stock is used to make greeting cards. For some maybe it is not, but for what I expect and want to offer it has to start with what I think is the best I can get that produces to what I expect as a final result.

Okay, enough on that for now. Once I have the shop populated and ready to go I will be adding it here. I am hoping it will not take long, but I also know I am not going to rush things too much. Plus, I will be spending much more time out in the landscape over the next few months I am sure. There may be a time during the sweltering heat of the midst of Summer that I spend additional time getting the Shop back up and running. You will know when the Shop link has been added to the menu.

Until then no need to dilly dally around. I will be adding blog post on a regular basis so be sure to stay up with that. I have added many new images to the gallery and some I will share on the blog as well. This time of year the landscapes are exploding with opportunities, so as my Father use to say; “make iron while the fires hot”.  Which will be what I plan to do. In addition to the outings into the prairies and Flint Hills I will be heading to the Rocky Mountains for 5 days starting June 20th so I am hoping for some new work to result from that little trip as well.

Yeah I have been a little busy lately and will continue to be for some time. That always seems to be a good thing. One thing I have learned over the years of trying to juggle work and play is, as long as I stay busy and have a plan life seems pretty fine.

Thanks again for taking the time to check back here and keeping this site on your radar.

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Living Prairie | ©Brad Mangas

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