Daily Photograph, November 10 ~

© Brad Mangas

Many of my daily photograph images come from my morning walk with Lexi in and around Shunga Park which a part of is just across the street from my home. From my first visit over 4 years ago I have been drawn to a group of wonderful oaks which there are at least 4 different varieties. I photograph them often, the acorns, the leaves the bark along with 3 cypress trees that are near by. I took a few shoots the other day during early morning hours when the sun was behind the trees providing nice back light to this one oak particularly. Not sure how the shot would turn out after processing I decided to try a somewhat more artistic look to the image. This is shot and in photoshop I used Topaz Adjust spicify preset and then applied an Orton effect. The results where quite unique, I like how the colors and contrast where enhanced with the Topaz Adjust layer and the painterly look the Orton effect provided. Techniques like this sure don’t work with every image but when they do the results can be quite unique.