September 2009 ‘Print Of The Month’

Shunga Moon is an image that almost got away. After returning home from a Thanksgiving day and evening spent with family I realized (in my photographers mind) there was a full moon rising. Light clouds had moved in and the thought of trying to capture a scene held some reluctance.   Being lucky enough to live just across from a wonderful open expanse of wilderness known as Shunga Park a name derived due to the Shunganunga creek that runs through, my camera was pulling me out the do the second I got home.

A quick trek to an area of tall pines seemed to turn out timed perfectly. Nestled between the pines with light clouds providing a glowing atmosphere the full moon was making it way higher in the sky.

I learned that night one never really knows what awaits until you just go and see for yourself. Next time you think you don’t have time to capture a shot, go out and try anyway, you may be pleasantly surprised.