FHSPO 4257

© Brad Mangas

Many times I stumble upon a scene that is hard to do justice. This seems to be one of those scenes. While out taking photos of prairie wildflowers I walked down over a hillside and discover this pond. Actually I knew there was a pond in the vicinity but hadn’t realized I was as close as I was to it. I hiked the other side early last year in the morning and afternoon hours which of course was a very different view from this. This early spring evening seemed to capture my appreciation for the flint hills completely. Calm cool air, the scent of newly sprouting tallgrass, the colors of the sunset. All came rushing upon me leaving me wondering how best to capture such a moment.

Reflecting back to this day just a short time ago, I have learned more than  deep appreciation of  nature and the beauty she has to offer. It’s important to take time to reflect on why I do what I do. Why I roam all over the country side many time visiting the same areas. The view from the waters edge, the colors of the sky reflecting so graciously on the surface is a strong reminder that each day holds it’s own special beauty. Sometimes you just have to revisit a familiar place to find it.

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