Seasons Standout


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Hand printed and signed by Brad Mangas.
Printer/Ink: Canon Pro 10 / Lucia pigment archival inks.
Paper: Canon Fine Art Smooth 320gsm.

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Seasons Standout

Photographic Story ~

Time spent exploring our woodlands is always a good thing. Every step things change. Every tree is unique. Every leave that crunches beneath your step in the winter times makes a different sound. 

We all are very aware of how the woodlands transform each year when the temperatures begin to drop. When the hours of daylight begin to dwindle. Autumn, it is a magical time of the year. When Mother Nature decides to put on a show, she holds nothing back. The colors can range from muted and subdued to something out of a fantasy land. 

I have experienced many autumn seasons up close and personal in my quest to be closer to nature. I have seen trees that I truly believe have personalities. At least to the extent a tree can. Just because use humans may not understand all things like, can a tree have a personality, does not mean it could not be so.

My favorite time within the autumn season is towards the end. When some color still clings on tight to branches, but most has fallen. Covering the woodland floor like a magic carpet of many colors. It is then, when the leaves lay still and silent, you can examine them and discover a world within a world.

Colors of the season is a non-ending quest. There are those times when you discover something a little more than just a colorful scene or individual leaf. It could just be you have come across, the seasons standout.

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