Oaks & Wood


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Printer/Ink: Canon Pro 10 / Lucia pigment archival inks.
Paper: Canon Fine Art Smooth 320gsm.

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Oaks & Wood

Photographic Story ~

Woodlands are a magical place anytime of the year. Deep in heavily wooded areas you can experience colors, designs, and intimate aspects of nature year round. Woodlands are never a boring place to be. Hiking a woodland trail or setting quietly on a fallen log, there is always something interesting to see.

I have a tendency to narrow my field of view when I am in a wooded area. My vision begins to stay close by and typically becomes focused on the forest floor. I have come to realize just how fascinated I am with leaves. I believe this is an off-shoot from my love of plants in general. 

It is not uncommon to set on the forest floor long periods of time. Examining the patterns of leaves, sticks, and all that exists beneath our feet. Most of the woodlands I have come to know well have a good amount of oak trees present. The various species of oaks all produce quite different leaves. All colorful in the autumn when on the branches and hold on to much of their color well after they have fallen to the ground.

Oaks are one of the trees that exhibit Marcescence, or the retention of leaves even throughout the winter months. Once oaks leaves fall they can retain some form of color for months after before they become dark brown and completely dried up.

With these things in mind I always pay attention to the woodland floor with a heavy population of oaks present. Sometimes the remaining leaves in the trees themselves are the main show. Then there are times when scattered leaves that have gently floated down to the ground mingle with brethren such as branches and continue their fascinating show as Wood & Oak.

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