“…These things–the air, the water, the scenery and we who fill these scenes–hold many and many a man to Kansas when money would tempt him away…Here are the still waters, here are the green pastures. Here, the fairest of the world’s habitations.” William Allen White, circa 1912

The Flint Hills

Nestled in what was once the greatest prairie ecosystem on the planet covering nearly one million square miles from Texas into Canada. Today less than 4% of what it once was remains, encroached upon by civilization.
The Flint Hills and Tallgrass Prairie in which the Flint Hills exists has remained dominated by vast sweeping vistas and grasses that grow head high. Its savior from growing population has been the limestone and chert (flint) layers that lay from the surface to over sixty feet in depth. This has protected this land from the plow and thus agriculture. Now vast grasslands sustain the nations cattle herds from spring till winter. Not all land is grazed and there are those places that even today have remained untouched by human hands.

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