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Images will be searched in all public galleries of this website.

How to search for photos

Using the search box above I have implemented various search functions to help with locating images. These options are based primarily on the keywords I have added to each image. For example, you can search by color, season (spring, summer, autumn (or fall), winter). You can search by image format such as horizontal, vertical, or panoramic (or pano). You can search by criteria such as wildflowers, blooms, blooming, clouds. grasslands, prairie, water, sunset, etc… I have tried to be thorough when keywording images, but I may not use the same descriptive words you use. Try various search terms. If you are having trouble finding specific images that meet very specific criteria just drop me a note, let me know what you are looking for and hopefully, I can help. 

Search Tip: To get as specific as possible you can search using more than one search word.
To search for images using more than one-word use the & between search words. Use a space between each word and the & symbol. Example; to search for images that include yellow, summer, and are vertical, enter: “yellow & summer & vertical” in the search box (minus the quotation marks). Another example to find all images that have water and the color blue in them enter: “water & blue” into the search box (minus quotation marks).

Additional tip: If, for example, you search for photos that have blue in them and use the word “blue” to search by. You will be presented with images that include the color blue, you will also be presented with images that have the word “blue” as part of some description. An example of this is bluestem. If you want “only” the word “blue” you can place a comma (,) before and after the word. Example: ,blue, will produce only photos that have that specific word only as part of their description. Duplicates may appear if image is found in more than one gallery.