© Brad Mangas

Earlier this spring I spent some time in search of this wonderful wildflower. A single bloom on each plant that for the most part stays hidden under larger leaves. I had looked forward to trying again this spring to capture the beauty of this bloom. A few weeks ago I made a trip to the areas where I knew they grew. An hour or more of walking the heavy timbers was telling me I may have been too late for peak blooms. Well, since I wasn’t going to give up that easy I continued through a few patches and in the acres of land covered I found it. The single bloom still in it’s prime just waiting for someone to get down close to the ground and photograph it.

I spent the next hour at this one plant, waiting for the light to be right and experimenting with a silver or gold reflector placed underneath the bloom. This is a shot with the silver reflector which helped to bounce some brighter white light up to the bloom.

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Canon 70-200 f4L w/teleconverter, f8, 1/125, iso 100