My entries here have gotten spread out a little more than I would like. I’m sure you don’t need to hear me whine anymore about the work I have been doing but, (yeah there is a but) the deadline is closing in on everything that needs completed by the end of April. I have went through about $400 in ink the last month with all the prints I have been making. These are 12×18’s and 8×12’s and I’m not done yet!

My last entry I gave a couple of links on the annual burns of the tallgrass prairies in Kansas. Hope everyone got a chance to check them out. One was a great video with lots of info. I really get into that stuff so I hope they didn’t bore anyone. I’m not sure how fire could be boring to begin with!

Here’s another link to an article I came across that I found very fascinating. It’s a piece on a lady named Carol Brown who for the past 12 years has made her home in a cabin nestled deep in the Flint Hills. It’s really quite a story about here life, how and why she decided to do what she did 12 years ago. Really makes me think about my own desire to live such a life. Just click on the title to read the article. And by the way, Happy Spring!!!

Carol Brown lives the simple life in a Flint Hills cabin