It’s always really been there, rolling down a grassy hill getting dark green stains on my school clothes. Riding a sled down the steepest hill in town that if you weren’t careful would land you in a frozen creek (wow that water is cold.) Sliding down a muddy bank into the creek in summertime. It was there then, I just didn’t recognize it or more aptly took it for granted. It was only outside that I had real fun. Hot, cold, summer, winter, it didn’t matter, when I was outside I knew I was alive.

Understanding how the subtle lines of rolling hills or slowly chilling air of late autumn create the needed elements of a great photograph. The complexities of nature seems to bring simple pleasures to life.

It’s always been there, the grandeur of the sky stretching from horizon to horizon over the tallgrass prairie, the colors of blooms, leaves, rocks and clouds. The glowing sunset painting golden light across the land. The Meadowlarks distinct sound in the distance.

These are the things that still make me feel alive.

Kansas, nature, photography, flinthills, flint, hills

© Brad Mangas