Do you ever read something that really hits home with you. Something that you havn’t necassarily experienced (or maybe you have) but the words just make sense to you.

I have been paying much more attention lately to the readings I chose to spend time with. Many from successful photographers who’s creativity has spilled over into their writings. Some of these are small daily writings of various aspects of happenings in their life. You know, kind of  like this blog can be. I have a tendency to get caught up in the images I post here. I think I had come to the conclusion this blog should be about the image, the picture, the whys, wheres and howcomes. I’m struggling trying to maintain such a staunch descriptive explanatory writing process. I’m missing something, I can just feel it.

For sometime now I have wrestled with a journey, a journey to express my thoughts on “things”. We all have a side we keep to ourselves, even as we open up in conversation with people close to us. Why do we maintain our inspiration inside and voice the results of that inspiration? Shouldn’t the inspiration be foremost what we discuss? Typically not. We talk about how we have had a good day because…. and why we have had a bad day because….., because why! Because of how we chose to look at “things”. How about talking about the “things” and not what the “things” have caused. What would happen then? Could we get a better understanding of what inspires us to see our life as it is.

How do you describe inspiration? I’m not going to look it up and give you some Merriam Webster definition, that would totally undermine the purpose of the question.

To understand what I previously did not. To learn basic’s of why. To be able to see the obvious in a not so obvious way. To understand just how insignificant I am compared to all things living. To understand inspiration.

These are some of the “things” that I inspire to see. I will be curious how my answers will change with time. They will change that I’m sure of. For if they didn’t, there would be no inspiration to move forward. One thing we can count on is change. Right down to the changes by the minute. One minute your standing all alone, the next minute you know you understand your never really alone.

Some rather pondering thoughts as I set here this morning. I got up and seemed to imediatly come here to the computer with an urge to write something about “things”. To not let myself slip into a rut that I felt I have been teetering on. Some find comfort in their daily rut they cleverly call a routine. Sounds better to say it’s my routine rather than it’s my rut. Well for me my routine can lead to a rut plain and simple. A stagnant same old thing rut. It is hard if not impossible to grow in any way shape or form when one is in a routine (rut).

Inspire to see, may start with a desire to understand.