Inner Reflections


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Hand printed and signed by Brad Mangas.
Printer/Ink: Canon Pro 10 / Lucia pigment archival inks.
Paper: Canon Fine Art Smooth 320gsm.

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Inner Reflections

Photographic Story~

During the Autumn season of 2020 I spent many consecutive days exploring the shoreline of Perry Lake. A reservoir located in NE Kansas that I am fortunate to live within a 30 minute drive of. Being very familiar with many of the reservoirs in Kansas and having spent many days and nights at many of them, I have found Perry Lake one of if not the top reservoir in the state when it comes to the abundance of natural areas accessible for exploring.

I spent two consecutive days exploring a northwestern shoreline during the peak of Autumn color. There are many heavily wooded areas that surround the lake holding dense populations of hardwoods ranging from multiple varieties of Oak as well as Hickory. Each of these and their varied species such as Red, Pin, Chinkapin, and Bur Oak, along with Shagbark Hickory are common in the area, each producing varieties of color from light yellows to dark reds. 

During one particular afternoon I spent 4 hours slowly working my way up the shoreline scouting acorss the water searching for a possible photograph. The colors were spectacular and the wind was calm. During the afternoon the skies were bright blue which made any chance of a richly colored photograph nearly impossible. The only option was to wait until sunset and hope for soft warm light. 

“Inner Reflections” is the result of this wait. Taken approximately 20 minutes after sunset, utilizing a long exposure on a high megapixel full frame camera, the result is rich, clean, and filled with detail. It became apparent this image produced more than what my eyes were capable of seeing at the time it was photographed. 

The result of an afternoon of exploring during the Autumn season, when hope had begun to fade of being able to capture the bounties of colors and feeling of this place, I realized it represented more than a simple photograph. One must never give up hope when there is still a chance of beauty to be found. Many times it simply requires patience. Find your place of peace, ease your mind and know you have the ability to create your own, “Inner Reflections”.




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