Making plans, sticking to a schedule is usually a good thing, it keeps one focused and on track to accomplish what they set out to. Those plans and schedules should allow for some flexibility, some time to just wing it. This can be an important factor in photography when the idea is to capture moments, split seconds in time, one can never schedule or plan on what will be available at that moment. This isn’t anything new we all know we have to be ready but ready for what may be the better question. Many times when out we may pass by a scene or opportunity to take a photo of something that seems ordinary or doesn’t stand out much to us in favor of continuing our search for more favorable shots or compositions, maybe looking for better light or better backgrounds or something unique. In this day and age when images go on a memory card and can be looked at quick and easily or brought in to the computer back home we need not limit ourselves to specific criteria when making a photograph there needs to always be that aspect of spontaneity,  and the willingness to take the impromptu shot. After all do you really have anything to lose?

© Brad Mangas