The changing of seasons is one of the most glorious transformations our planet makes on an annual basis. I have written before how I feel sorry for folks who live in places that don’t really get the experience of seasonal changes such as takes place in Kansas.

The landscape which through the hot summer months is full of green growth all looking somewhat similar explodes in a months time to the most vibrant glowing rich earthly tones imaginable.

This image of the beautiful Honey Locust a month ago was something one would just pass by as another ordinary tree growing along with all the other green flora. It’s in a heavily wooded area covered in hardwoods and an abundance of undergrowth full of spring time wildflowers. Now, in October it’s time for the trees to show their might. Standing out with colorful transformations only mother nature can provide. I have been keeping close tabs on this area over the last month knowing the time would come when the trees of the land would begin there annual call of the wild. Here I Am! Look At Me! I swear I could hear them all yelling at me!

Many new images are showing up in the gallery. So for a taste of Autumn in the heartland take a moment and visit. See why the seasonal change is truly a spectacle of nature at it’s best!