I have built specific search functions into gallery and portfolio pages of this site. When visiting the gallery or viewing images in a portfolio you will see a “Search By” option in the main menu. This link will feature a drop down list of available search features along with the “How To Search” link that brought you to this page. The “Search By” option only shows when viewing the gallery or portfolios.

It is somewhat difficult to figure out exactly the best way to search for an image or collection of images, but I have used some of the most frequent criteria that most will find useful. These criteria are “Color”, “Season”, and “Format” (format being vertical, panoramic). As I describe when selecting “Format” the largest majority of images on this site are of the horizontal (landscape) format so I do not repeat them in the search options.

Custom Search

The search functions do not stop there. You can further search for specific images that meet your needs by using the custom search ability built into this site. It’s fast, easy, and can help narrow down what you are looking for very specifically. Here is an example of using a custom search.

Let’s say you need an image of the flint hills in the summer that has yellow in it. You would simply click in the search bar in the upper right hand corner of the Gallery or any Portfolio page, or the custom search link in the menu search drop down and enter; flinthills,summer,yellow (Comas Only NO Spaces)

Note: I used flinthills in this example as one word flinthills. You can also enter flint hills as two words; flint,hills. I use both in the keywords so both will work. Also, an important note, descriptive search words must be entered separated only by a comma, No Spaces.

So in this example with those search words your results would be the example screen shot below. You can then click any image and go directly to it. If you want to return to the same search results just use your back arrow for your browser and go back so you don’t have to keep entering the same search needs. You can do this with as many words as you want. With more specific search words your results will be more specific. Modify your search in the search bar and your results will show along with how many images matched your search criteria.

I will point this out. This is only as accurate as I have been able to make it. It works because I have “keyworded” the images when they were uploaded. I might miss certain descriptions that you are looking for so try alternative descriptions if you are having trouble finding specific images. For example if you are looking for Spring wildflowers try something like: spring,wildflower,wildflowers,bloom,blooming,blossom. If you are unable to find any images that meet your needs just drop me a note by the contact page and let me know, I might be able to help.

Search Screen Results