It is very hard for me to pick a single image to express my appreciation for my great home. So many moments have occurred that make clear to me Kansas is truly a uniquely beautiful state. It goes beyond the purely visual aspects that are available throughout the year. Memories do conjure images in my minds eye but, the moments are what penetrate deep into my soul.

With that said I can only choose one today to help demonstrate and to share with the world. An image that was made available because I chose to spend much of my time surrounded by all that is good.

Standing in the light cool sprinkles of a late spring morning the sun not quite above the eastern horizon behind me the rainbow appeared. I seemed to slip into a trance. Habit took over and I began my attempts to capture this special moment. The time was brief, the rain was coming. The light sprinkles dotted me like fireflies in the darkening summer night. The two to three minutes this appeared before me left indelible memories.


© Brad Mangas