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Flint Hills Spring – Note Cards

Premium quality nature themed note cards

Flint Hills Spring – Note Cards


Flint Hills Spring Note Card Set

Enjoy and share this one of a kind collection of Kansas Flint Hills Springtime inspired note cards. You can almost feel the sunshine of the warming days, the cool breeze on your face and the lush aroma of the greening tallgrasses. A celebration of life, emerging once again from winters grip.

25% off thru March 20, 2022.

  • 8 unique scenes
  • Blank inside
  • 8 envelopes
  • Free Shipping

Flint Hills Spring
Note Card Set

From winters grip the Kansas Flint Hills literally spring to life each each. Rolling hills and meadows of new growth tallgrasses cover these wonderful lands.

8 beautifully printed premium note cards plus envelopes.

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