© Brad Mangas

The gentle slopes of the land are some of the wonderful characteristics of the Flint Hills. At times jutting up abruptly, and at times providing this long slide of tallgrass covered hills.

This scene is the neighbor to Winter Sundown – Flint Hills . As the sun set on the prairie this late afternoon the skies awoke with a pastel color, providing a unique glow to winter air. Simple lines, simple color, one of the many beauties that draw me ever closer to nature, regardless of the time of year.

A land where one can stand quietly and reflect. Remembering what days light had brought, and wondering what the darkness of night has in store. The Flint Hills, standing guard over the prairie, opening her arms for all who care to visit and capture a glimpse. Beging to share what lands of yesterday where like, and showing us what lands of tomorrow should be.