It has been somewhat eventful weather wise here in the middle of the country the last few days. The biggest snowfall of the season came to us Tuesday and piled up around a foot of the white stuff. Not super large compared to many other parts of the country for sure but, the most we have seen for a few years I believe. Of course everyone is talking about it and how much they dislike all the cold and snow. Guess I’m glad to be stuck in a more positive mindset. Sure it’s work dealing with the difficulties it brings but, what a wonderful thing to be able to experience such a range of weather. Not long from now it will be those same folks complaining about the heat. It seems to me more difficult complaining about it than just dealing with it. As they say to each their own.

I am hoping to get out and play around in this blanketing of snow in the next couple of days I seem to be a little lacking of making pictures so far this year. Still doing lots of printing of images for the Kansas Sampler Festival this coming May. I will probably mention that many times between now and then so forgive me if I repeat myself at times. I contemplate on a weekly basis whether to stay put and keep working on preparing everything I have in mind or getting out in nature and soaking up the beauty of the lands. Needless to say I chose the later a little more often than I should and will undoubtedly push myself down to a last minute deadline. I know there are beautiful scenes just waiting for someone to enjoy. I hope that someone is me!

My morning walk this morning only made it to the end of the driveway! Oh I had everything cleared but the -4 degree temp plus windchill influenced me to simple make this quick picture looking down the sidewalk towards Shunga Park across the street and then go warm my fingers back up.

Hope it’s great wherever you are because even though it is cold here, it is beautiful!

Now where are my long-johns…

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