space size


  1. Take a digital photo of your wall space. Make sure it is taken straight on and not at an angle. Try to include any furniture or décor that is close by to help in choosing the best image for your space. Try to have the image be from floor to ceiling if possible. This helps us see the proportions of the space.
  2. Provide measurements of space (horizontal & vertical) for where you would like your art to be displayed. It is also helpful to provide measurements of any furnishing that are in the photo. Such as the width of a mantel, or the width of a sofa, chair, table, etc. These are used as reference to properly size the photo to to your desired wall space.
  3. If you already have a list of images from the portfolios on this website include your list of images for us to use in your design. (All images have a alphanumeric id as well as image title). We may also provide additional examples that meet your ideas. Or let us pick some images for you. 
  4. Attach your digital (photo) file and all relevant information along with any comments or suggestions you may have and email this to: 

Once we have your information and image of your space we will put together samples for you to look at. We will email you and let you know we have received your information. Please allow us a few days to put some samples together for you. We will then email these sample mock ups back to you.

You may then look at them at  your convenience. You may request to try other images, rearrange them, or resize them. You do not have to re-upload the image of your space unless you have made changes to the space. I will work with you to help find the right image for your space. It is not unusual this process to take a few tries to get satisfactory results. Feel free to make as many requests as you like. So relax and take full advantage of this free service. 

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