I was out and about for a bit this morning and as I’ve mentioned I took along the daily pics capture device. I decided to take a few extra minutes and make a quick stop along Shunga Creek and check out the scenery. I haven’t been able to be out much during this latest snow fall in my usual ways. You know with full gear and work the snow covered landscape as usual, but that’s been ok. (and believe me that will change) I’ve spent some extra time maintaining this blog and the daily pics and the more I do it the easier it becomes.

I said this initially when I started this daily pics project, the best way to improve yourself be it photography, writing, reading, your health, relations whatever, make it part of your every day tasks. At least spend some time thinking about it if nothing else. We all have time to think. Some maybe shouldn’t be but that a whole other topic. And it’s the holiday season no need to go there.

I parked my truck and walked up onto a foot bridge to take a look around. I took a few shots looking down the semi frozen creek lined snow covered banks, trees standing as cold soldiers watching your every move.  Knowing my purpose of the shots were more documentary than actual fine art I quickly gathered a composition and depressed the shutter release.  You know having just said that to myself, I probably need to get over that thought. One mans trash is another man treasure. So regardless of the purpose of any given photograph opportunities for both still exist.

I started walking off the bridge when this snow cover rock lying down below in the cold waters of the creek caught my attention. Why you may ask? Well look at it. What do you see? No need for an explanation on my part. You see with your eyes and I see with mine. Our thoughts and memory will take us where ever we need to go.

Hey, it’s Friday all. I’m sure the bells will be ringing this weekend. Be safe, have fun. And try to see something unexpected in your everyday journeys.